30 years innovative solutions for efficient water conservation!

Rainwater and wastewater treatment are around rain pools our strength. This is demonstrated by over 8000 plants, which have been proven in practice. From consulting to service you are at BGU in good hands and prepared successfully for the future.

30 years bgu Environmental Protection GmbH

The company bgu Environmental Protection GmbH has been working for 30 years worldwide on innovative solutions for the 
 efficient water conservation. Based on groundbreaking technical developments such as hydro-mechanical flow control and motion 
 weirs began a success story that has made us a technology leader in the industry. 
 Over 8000 plants are now working in all areas of rain and sewage treatment around rain pools. 
 Our goal is to complex technical solutions by to facilitate the use of the characteristic energy of the water and 
 make yet efficient. 
 On this basis, we have effectively coordinated regulation, control and cleaning systems in 
 develop top technology, suitable for original equipment, renovation and modernization. 
 bgu systems offer creative problem-made solutions that are supported by new developments in the 
 process control and integrated flow measurement. 
 With this range of products and an experienced team of some 50 dedicated employees in engineering and production 
 we are well prepared for the challenging tasks of the future.

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