› 2-450 l/s
› No electrical connection required
› A minimum of removable parts
› Solar-battery pack providing back-up power for
approximately 15 days without recharging
› 24 VDC supply, very low power consumption
› Pivoted radial gate ensures closing via remote control
› Remote control via wireless modem
› Periodic flush-out (optional)
› Power supply version also available
› Compact construction, well suited as retrofit item for limited space conditions
› May be combined with flow measurement and recording device



The ACU-SOL solar Regulator can modulate discharge to the required value, independent of the upstream water level. The low-friction sectional gate can be shut down completely or opened to any degree for precise flow control, using the same proven technology as that used thousands of times in balance and jet regulators. The high speed servo control mechanism and a sophisticated low-cost plc controller form the heart of this new, revolutionary product.





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