• QH-Protokoll

› No separate structure required.
› Suitable for headwater levels of up to 8 m (26 ft).
› Automatic self-flushing effect prevents clogging.
› Design discharge can be adjusted on site.
› Not affected by downstream water level.



The Compact Regulator compact regulator is a simple and rugged device for the regulation of constant discharges from storm water detention basins, storage tanks, combined sewer overflow tanks and sewage equalization tanks. The Compact Regulator can also be used for inline sewer and interceptor flow regulation. The Compact Regulator is installed in the wet well or directly in the storage structure thereby not requiring the construction of a separate structure.

The Compact Regulator regulator is a hydro-mechanically operated device requiring no external power source. Its compact space-saving construction with a minimum of movable parts together with the automatic self-flushing effect, insures reliable trouble free operation and sets a new standard for flow regulation.

The Compact Regulator is not affected by backwater conditions. If required, the constant discharge rate can easily be adjusted on site. The compact discharge regulator has proven to be a reliable, maintenance-friendly device with a long service life with a broad spectrum of applications.


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