› The Fine Slotted Screen is constructed entirely of stainless
steel 316 ensuring reliable trouble free operation
› Self adjusting brush provides automatic cleaning of
screening surface in both directions
› The Fine Slotted Screen cleaning system may be driven
by a water wheel (requiring no external energy) or
by an electro-hydraulic drive, depending on site constraints
› Slotted screening surface ensures the retention
of all solids greater than 3/16"
› Design of cleaning system mechanism ensures that moving parts are never submerged
› Modular design allows for installation over virtually any overflow weir type and size
› Easy to retrofit into existing structures
› May be installed in the vertical or diagonal position when the preferred horizontal arrangement
is not possible due to site constraints



Stormwater discharge systems and combined sewer overflows (CSO) are the weak points in sewer systems, usually at the expense of water pollution prevention. They are entry points through which urban pollutants reach the receiving stream. In the past, there were frequently no adequate preventive measures available or in place. Today however, there are legal requirements in many areas for the retention of floating and suspended matter in stormwater and combined sewer overflow systems. The Fine Slotted Screen economically provides effective receiving stream protection. It is designed to be installed over stormwater discharge sills, settling tank overflow weirs, CSO weirs, flood discharge systems, etc... Its modular design makes it suitable for any type of overflow system and is easily retrofitted to existing structures.

The Fine Slotted Screen design is based on a special stainless steel screening surface, with slotted screen openings of 3/16" x 1" and a total free area of 50 %, achieving the highest possible degree of solids retention while minimizing the head loss.


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