› Special design ensures effective cleaning of CSO
basins and sewage equalization systems
› Pivoting Drum design ensures an immediate
and powerful flushing wave
› Operates without external energy
› No fresh water supply is needed
› Flushing with in-situ water eliminates additional
burden on sewage treatment plant
› Will flush even if only partially filled
› Can be easily adapted to existing structures
› Simple, cost-saving design of structures possible
› Heightening of structure walls is not required to accommodate equipment
› Flexible system can accommodate a variety of installation designs



The Pivoting Drum pivoting drum is a sediment flushing system designed to remove settled debris from reservoir floors, as well as sewer inverts, using a single flush. Although similar to a tipping bucket in design, the Pivoting Drum pivoting drum differs in that it fills by using the insystem combined water. The system operates by releasing this water sending a flushing wave down the entire length of the flushway pushing the settled debris ahead of it. The Pivoting Drum does not require a fresh water supply and uses no external energy. Consequently, no additional burden is added to the treatment plant. This flexible system can be adapted to a wide range of basin designs and inlet and discharge conditions. This ensures optimal cleaning performance for any type of application. The compact design can significantly reduce costs especially when retrofitting into existing structures.


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